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Welcome to my site, my name is Alec Tang. I am a developer based in Adelaide and Melbourne, as well as Singapore and Malaysia. Most of my work involve web apps, Sharepoint and just started to get into IOS apps lately. I love working on dynamic, high profile projects. Whether you're seeking a simple website or simply having an idea, drop me an email and I might be able to help you.

CMS, Web Apps

I work mostly with CMS driven application, with works including application schema design, planning, structure design and of course coding.

Sharepoint Solutions

Sharepoint Server Development

One of the fastest growing technologies in recent years, I develop custom web parts, solutions for Sharepoint based on companies business requirements.

SEO, Online Marketing


I spend a lot of time enforcing the quality of my work for better search engine visibility and experiencing tools, tips in getting better, targeted web traffic.

iOS Web Apps

iphone apps development

With over 70 millions of iphones over 10 millions of iPads sold, mobile users have grown to be huge online traffic. I can help you optimising your website to render better in iPhone as well as iPad devices.